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commercial property insuranceBobby Walters Insurance can protect your business’s commercial property and everything on it, to keep you from suffering major or minor financial loss. Whether you lease or own your building, or work at home, a commercial property insurance policy protects your company’s physical assets.

Commercial property insurance covers a variety of scenarios, such as but not limited to:

  • A fire that destroys your building and everything in it
  • A broken water pipe that floods your office and ruins documents, computers, drawings or intellectual property
  • A tornado or hurricane that blows your outdoor sign down

Business property insurance covers things such as the building, your outdoor sign, furniture, computers, furnishings, inventory, landscaping, and damage done to other people’s property by your assets
Bobby Walters Insurance knows the nuances in running a business. We can protect business owners and companies with a fine-tuned Commercial Property Insurance policy to fit your needs.

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